Who we are

Valkiria Extreme is the first International Skydiving Store located in Italy, born from the desire to let the world know the beauty of all Extreme Sports, and to enhance the athletes who live their lives according to their passion and they carry forward their ideas, with so many sacrifices, by giving all of us the chance to admire things, that without them, would be unknown.

Our goal is to support these professionals and to ensure that their exploits and their challenges will be admired by everyone.

Valkiria Extreme has its own MarketPlace

Valkiria Extreme has its own MarketPlace, Dealer of Leader Skydiving industry Companies such as:
Velocity Sports Equipment, NZ Aerosports, Strong Enterprises, Cypres, Larsen & Brusgaard, Tonfly, Flysight, Sonic Fly Wear, Cookie Composites, Akando, Kroop's, Turbolenza and DC Shoes.
The Best Skydiving companies, but also technical clothing and sports ones. Our courier services provide fast and secure shipments all over the world, satisfying every single request. Valkiria Extreme has a network of professionals and business partners all around the world who are extremely expert, our team provide advices for any circumstances and in any situation. Moreover the direct contacts with our partners companies of which we are Dealer ensure and guarantee full transparency between us and the customer.

Our frequent trips and our contacts with many DropZones in US have strenghten our knowledge in DropZone Marketing, throught professional and interpersonal relationships that teach us to spread all the knowledge necessary to make Skydive not just a known sport, but a business opportunity and actually a job for everyone involved into the skydiving world. Valkiria Extreme is a very articulated and complex project: our goal is to let the skydiving become a well-known sport capable to fascinate everybody, just like Calcio and Basket do. We want to try to enhance this sport by bringing it to everyone's vision. Literally everyone can support the cause even with small acts , even you that you are reading these words right now. Thank you, we are grateful for the time you dedicated us.
Many many news are incoming, stay tuned!

Play Hard and Live Extreme