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    L&B has listened to skydivers across the globe and has answered the call with OPTIMA II?! The OPTIMA II? is a more advanced audible altimeter with extremely accurate altitude detection.
    OPTIMA II? is so accurate that it has an added set of warning beeps that can be set for a specific altitude during normal and high speed landing approaches. This feature has been added to aid both swoopers and conservative pilots alike find the “sweet spot” for initiating landing sequences. It is recommended that your eyesight and your experience be the primary source of determining at what altitude to start your landing sequence or pattern approaches.

    NSN 6675-22-629-5157

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    Protrack II is the result of making our original design better than ever before!

    Through countless hours of development based on customer requests, customer feedback and LB Altimeter’s renowned engineering, we present the only audible altimeter and digital freefall computer worthy to be called Protrack II.

    P/N 197476
    NSN 6610-22-630-2358

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    GO BIG!

    The QUATTRO audible altimeter is the latest in micro technology and features the most advanced programming for accurately measuring freefall & canopy descent rates

    NSN 6610-22-628-4277

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    Tons more for less?

    All new software and design to make the world?s favorite audible altimeter even easier to use with the quality construction and accuracy you have come to expect from Larsen & Brusgaard. The SOLO II is an extremely accurate audible altimeter. Through years of research, L&B has built an audible altimeter that is extremely reliable and accurate. We make it easy for you! Developed with all skydiving disciplines in mind, the SOLO II?, when combined with our ALTITRACK visual altimeter and data recorder makes a perfect combination for all of your altitude awareness needs.

    NSN 6675-22-620-5097