5013 Axo


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Compressive shorts designed to stimulate circulation by improving muscle oxygenation, concretely acting on the venous return flow and reducing vibrations, allowing a considerable energy saving and a minor one to heart fatigue and allowing an increase in physical resistance under stress.
During the recovery phase they accelerate the disposal of toxins and lactic acid.
Made of Dryarn® polypropylene, they have high breathability and thermal insulation, which makes them suitable for all sports in extreme weather conditions.
Muscular support, the self-adaptive capacity of fit, the anti-cramping massage action are immediately felt, the II level compression on the whole thigh part provides a feeling of total control and excellent responsiveness.
Suitable for all-round sporting use (from running, to skiing, to fitness).

The special raw-cut stabilizer band has a soft consistency, avoids heat concentrations in the body and disperses sweat preventing it from accumulating: in this way the garment dries faster and remains stable.

72% PA Nylon – 25% PP Polypropylene – 3% EA Elastan

To maintain the original appearance of the garment for a longer period it is advisable to wash it and dry it on the inside

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