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RDS (Removable Deployment System) Slider manufactured by NZ Aerosports

for the FX, VX, JFX, JFX2, JVX, Leia and Petra.

The NZ Aerosports RDS is manufactured for all its high performance canopies. NZA is using the ParaConcepts design combined with its own forged hardware.

This RDS provides a system that lets you remove the slider, deployment bag, and pilot chute after opening. It helps decrease drag, letting your Icarus or Daedalus canopy go faster and swoop longer. It’s compatible with both terminal and sub terminal openings and when operated properly it has a low malfunction rate.

The RDS is available for all of the NZA High Performance range, including the FX, VX, JFX, JFX2, JVX, Leia and Petra.

Made to order with any standard color ZP fabric and available only for the FX, VX, JFX, JFX2, JVX, Leia and Petra canopies at this time.

Please specify canopy type, size, serial number and slider color in text box with order. Manufacturing time is 2 weeks plus shipping time to you.

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