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The V2 was designed with performance and quality in mind. It has good air resistance and braking power, but still allows speed and flexibility thanks to its highly researched design. The suit has a tight cut to reduce the impact of air while still having enough fabric for power and precision. For the last couple of years, this suit has gained its excellence on the highest level of skydiving.


Freefly has evolved considerably over the last few years, movements are more and more technical, precise and fast. It needs more fluidity and freedom of movement. Keeping the legendary performance and quality of our products in mind, we designed the new generation jumpsuit, the V3.



The “SONIX” was developed in partnership with the best team of VR4 and world champions, the Belgians “Hayabusa”, to create this model which, today is without any doubt a top-of-range product in terms of quality and performance. Thank you also to Pete Allum who gave his opinion and comments! This suit was developed keeping in mind 2 principal matters: Performance and Comfort. We didn’t hesitate to mix these , so that each part of the body can perform well and be free in movements.


The Matrix is a suit that evolved after years of test flying, research on the right material, trying different shapes and cuts. We put all our passion and energy in this suit and we can definitely say that we are very proud of the result. The Matrix is very light and comfortable but protective as Cordura, it’s fast – and comes with the famous Sonic quality. It has already hundreds of hours in the air during test flights and provides the same quality and endurance than our other suits.

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