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What can you expect when you fly your brand new Leia for the first time? 
Wild, intoxicating flight, powerful swoops, and an infatuation that will last thousands of jumps. Expect to fall-in-love with this princess of a wing.

Who is Leia for?
Leia is what we classify as a hyper-performance canopy, a class above normal high performance crossbraced canopies. She’s a completely different animal than your JFX, JVX or Velo. She’s designed for pilots who already have lots of experience swooping small, highly loaded crossbraced wings. The Leia is NOT for students, low time jumpers, CRW jumpers, wingsuiters, classic accuracy, BASE-jumping or even as a first crossbraced canopy. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

To order a Leia you must have:

  • 1500+ jumps
  • 500+ jumps on a crossbraced canopy at a 2.0wl or above
  • 250+ jumps (minimum) in the last 12 months
  • A reference from a coach or experienced competitive swooper

If you fall narrowly outside these minimums but have something else to take into consideration (i.e. high percentage of swoop specific coached jumps or lots of competition experience) let us know.

Am I ready for Leia?

Do you have a good coach? Does your coach say you are ready? Do you meet the requirements above?
Leia openings are soft and well-staged with excellent heading control.

Her toggles are highly responsive with light pressure.

Stall Point
Leia has a high stall point – recovery from a full stall should be done with caution.

Her rears are powerful with plenty of warning before stalling.

Light and give excellent feedback throughout use.

She’s a very high performance wing, very sensitive on roll axis and all inputs.

The Dive
She dives, and then some. She’s fast, sleek and steep.

Leia has a very long recovery arc, and requires large input to recover from her dive. This is not a wing for the faint of heart.

Leia has a massive range with a very powerful flare, and light toggle pressure.

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